Dear participants of the 24th International Congress of Microbiology, certificates of attendance, workshops and accepted articles in the form of posters and the latest edition of booklet are available through the link below.

To inform the participants of the 24th Congress of Microbiology, you can download congress booklet from Congress tab.

Please note that the participants whose articles were in the form of poster but did not pay the green conference fee and did not attend to present their poster; Certificate of attendance will not be issued

18-20 September   |  Tehran-iran

24th Iran's International Congress Of Microbiology

Theme: "Advanced innovations in Medical Microbiology and Research on General Microbes"



ISM's President Welcome

Dear All ISM members, the honorable guests and invited speakers

Welcome to our 24th International Congress of Microbiology. The 24th meeting is a special events since the Microbiologists with different research background from all provinces will get together at IROST. The conclusive topics cover all areas that is related to Microbiology. Because of diversity in subjects, we have two Professors in charge of scientific secretory: one in Medical Microbiology and the second one in field of applied and General Microbiology. Our colleagues, particularly the young scientists and post-graduate students always have been active and participate in our annual meetings. The 24th congress will provide more opportunities to them to exchanges theirs views and news on the progress in this important subject in our country as well as other part of the world. Moreover, it favors the producers and researchers to benefit from the facilities that IROST provide them to debate about the possibilities for collaborations. The end I would like to thanks all the participants who submitted their research results, the invited speakers, the panelist and exhibitors who creates   a very scientific and nice gathering in ISM 2023 meeting.

I wish you a pleasant stay in Tehran and enjoy the program at the IROST campus.

Hotel & Accommodation

Foreign guests including students and professors can be accommodated in the hotel located in IROST. Registration fee can be paid on site.


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