Attendance Certificate Notice

Please note that the participants whose articles were in the form of poster but did not pay the green conference fee and did not attend to present their poster; Certificate of attendance will not be issued

Registration fee for invited speakers

The Secretariat of the 24th Iran`s Congress of Microbiology informs about how to register and pay fee for *invited speakers* as well as the scientific committee: It is not necessary to pay the registration fee for the invited speakers at the 24th Iran`s Congress of Microbiology. Therefore, the Secretariat and Microbiology Association are grateful to…

The last Deadline for Uploading Poster File

Dear participants: The deadline for preparing and uploading the poster file and payment for the poster presentation is until September 13, and this deadline cannot be extended. Thanks for your attention

Revising your Abstracts

Participants whose article status is as “Abstract is invalid” or “Your article needs corrections”, a third file (correction file) is enabled for that article and they can upload their own revised and corrected file.

Announcements of accepted papers: Posters section

Dear participants and researchers According to the announcement of the results of arbitration of the majority of papers and acceptance of some of them for poster form, the electronic system of uploading posters by Hamayesh Sabz Company will soon be ready to receive papers and produce posters and display it in high quality monitors. Using…

Poster Presentation

  It`s informed that the presentation of dear colleagues whose articles has been accepted as a poster is available via LED monitor. There is no need to prepare a printed poster. The service provider company will announce the conditions for receiving the poster content and the instructions for sending and displaying it in a separate…

Notice about registration fee payment

Following the questions of dear colleagues: the preliminary result of the review of the articles will be announced soon. Payment of the registration fee is related to participation and attendance at the congress. Therefore, rejection or acceptance of the submitted article is not related to the paid fee. Also, the registration fee is non-refundable

Exhibition booth at the 24th International Congress of Microbiology

A limited number of booths are available for supply to scientific, production, commercial and service units at the venue of the Microbiology Congress located in the Scientific and Industrial Research Organization according to the attached maps. Applicants can contact the Congress Secretariat for information on the quantity and quality and how to conclude a contract.

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