Fundamental Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology Session Heads

Genetics of Microorganisms and Molecular Biotechnology Dr. Hamideh Ofoghi
Associate professor of Molecular Biotechnology at Department of Biotechnology, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST). Interests:
- Genetic engineering of bacteria, yeasts and microalga
- Drug delivery systems

dr nosrati
Biochemical Engineering and Microbial Processes Dr. Mohsen Nosrati
Associate Professor, Biotechnology Group, Department of Chemical Engineering, Tarbiat Modarres University.
- Environmental Biotechnology,
- Biological Waste Treatment,
- Bio-reactions and Bio-reactor,
- Biological Thermodynamics,
- Fuel and Combustion,
- Thermodynamics of Electrolyte Solution
دکتر قنواتی
Bio-fuels and Bio-based Materials Dr. Hossein Ghanavati
Associate Professor and Head of Microbial Biotechnology Group, Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran (ABRII).
- Biofuels (biogas-biodiesel),
- Management and transformation of waste into energy.

dr manafi
Geomicrobiology and Biohydrometallurgy Dr. Zahra Manafi
Head of Hydrometallurgy Unit in Research and Development Department, Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex.
PhD in Microbiology Interests:
- Hydrometallurgy and Biohydrometallurgy,
- Environmental microbiology,
- Microbial collection,
- Nanobiotechnology and
- Microbial corrosion
Executor, collaborator, consultant and supervisor of more than 100 research projects
Microbial Biochemistry, Enzyme Technology, and Protein Engineering Dr. Javad Hamedi
Professor of Microbiology, Department of Microbiology, University of Tehran.
- Screening of industrial strains and (about 4000 actinomycetes from various ecosystems of Iran have been isolated and deposited in University of Tehran Microorganisms Collection )
- Genetic engineering of microorganisms,
- Fermentation Technology,
- Natural Product and Drug Discovery

Bioinformatics and Biocomputing Dr. Farshad Darvishi
Professor of Microbiology, Alzahra University and Researcher of Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
- Synthetic microbiology,
- Genetic engineering of the yeasts,

Parisa Tajer
Convergence of Biotechnology with Nuclear Science Dr. Parisa Tajer Mohammad Ghazvini
Associate Professor
Nuclear Fuel Cycle Research School
Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, Tehran
Bioremediation of water, wastewater and soil by microorganisms, biohydrometallurgy, nanobiotechnology
Moghimi-(H-Reas) 001
Fungal Biotechnology Dr. Hamid Moghimi
Assistant Professor in Microbiology, Department of Microbiology, University of Tehran.

- Biodegradation,
- Mycology
- Microbiology of Fuel and Energy
dr amozgar
Extermophiles and Biotechnology Dr. Mohammad Ali Amoozegar
Professor in Microbiology, Department of Microbiology, and Head of Extremophiles Laboratory University of Tehran. Manager of Recpharma Company, a knowledge-based biotech pharmaceutical company producing biosimilar drugs.
- Extremophiles
- Microbial bioresource preservation
- Microbial metabolite production
Bioactive Compounds Dr. Mohammad Reza Soudi
Professor of Microbiology Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Biological Sciences Alzahra University.
Manager of Sib ZistFan, a knowledge-based Company.
- Biodeterioration and Biodegradation of plastics,
- Collection of local plant-related bacteria and fungi,
- Biorefinary systems for wastes,
- Novel polysaccharides and oligosaccharides from bacteria and fungi.
dr tajabadi
Microbial Biomass Production Dr. Maryam Tajabadi Ebrahimi
Associate Professor in Microbiology, Department of Biology, Science faculty, IAU, Central Tehran Branch.
CEO of Takgene Group (Nova gene, Lactovgene, Bogan, Asugene, Zist Mahsool Parsian)
The owner of 13 patents and more than 181 articles
- Probiotic applications
- Novel feed complements based on microbial biomass

dr aziz mohseni
Microbial Biodiversity and Culture Collections Dr. Farzaneh Azizmohseni
Head of Industrial Microorganisms Collection Center, (Persian Type Culture Collection (PTCC)) at Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST). Inerests:
- Screening and isolation of microorganisms,
- Characterization and identification of microorganisms using classical as well as molecular methods.
- Development of cultivation and preservation methods for long term maintenance of microorganisms.
dr mohamadi
Microbiology of Cultural Heritage Dr. Parisa Mohammadi
Associate Professor of Microbiology Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Biological Sciences Alzahra University. Former president of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Research Institute.
- Microbial deterioration of cultural heritage,
- - geomicrobiology, soil microbiology, dust microbiology,
- Microbial diversity in harsh environments

Microbiology of Water, Air and Environment Dr. Abbas Farazmand
Assistant Professor in Environment Biotechnology Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST).
- Using biotechnological & biofiltration methods to remove environmental pollution of water, soil and air.

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