Fundamental Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology Speakers


Dr. Akhavan Sepahi, Abbas


Professor, Dep. Microbiology, Faculty of Biology, Islamic Azad University. Azad University.


The status of bioremediation in Iran and the countries of the Persian Gulf region


Dr. Behrad Vakylabad, Ali


Associate professor, Graduate university of advanced technology


Evolution of Copper Extraction from Low-grade Chalcopyrite Ores with Hybrid Bioleaching



Dr. Betesho Babrud, Ramsina


Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, Tehran, Iran

Radiation application in cultural heritage conservation



Dr. Dabbagh, Reza


Associate Professor, Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, Tehran, Iran


Bioremediation in nuclear industry by seaweeds biomass and cyanobacteria



Dr. Darezereshki, Esmaeel


Faculty of Engineering, Department of Materials Engineering, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman


Thermoacidophilic bioleaching of copper sulfide concentrate in the presence of chloride ions


Dr. Dastgheib, Mohammad Mehdi


Assistant Professor of Biotechnology, Research institute of petroleum industry (RIPI)


Applications of Biotechnology for Environmental Conservation in Iran (Experiences and Challenges)


Dr. Fooladi, Jamshid


Associated Professor, Director of Biotechnology Group Biological science faculty; Alzahra University


Probiotica: Yeast or Bacteria (advantages and disadvantages)



Dr. Habibi-Rezaei, Mehran


Professor in Biochemistry, University of Tehran


A perspective on enzyme mediated biotransformation and biorefining


Dr. Heidarieh, Marzieh


Associate Professor, Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, Tehran, Iran


Development of vaccine and synthesis of paraprobiotic using gamma irradiation



Dr. Ijadpanahsaravi, Maryam

Department of Biology, Utrecht University, Netherlands         


The Silent Threat: Aspergillus Species Spores and Biodeterioration of Cultural Heritage


Dr. Javanmardi


Ph.D in Food Science and Technology


Post Biotic


Dr. Kargar, Mohammad


Professor of Microbiology

Islamic Azad University, Shiraz Branch


New approaches biomining and recycling of Metals by using synthetic Biology


Dr. Lotfalian, Majid


Assistant professor,

Graduate university of advanced technology


Chalcopyrite bioleaching, a sustainable rout for copper industries development


Dr. Majdi, Mohammad


Postdoctoral Research Associate, Miami University, USA

Associate Professor, University of Kurdistan, Iran

Production of plant bioactive compounds in microbial systems via metabolic engineering and synthetic biology


Dr. Mehrshad, Malihe


Associate Professor in Mircobiology

Defining role of metabolic potential and interdependencies in sustaining the microbial community of deep groundwater ecosystems


Dr. Moghimi, Hamid


Associate professor in Microbiology, Department of Microbiology, School of Biology, University of Tehran

Bioremediation in extreme environments


Dr. Moradi, Homayoun


The chairman of the board of directors of the naturalist company


Where do we stand?



Dr. Raeisnia, Negar 

Department of Restoration and Preservation, National Library and Archives of Iran


Biodeterioration of Archival and Library Materials: Prevention and Control


Dr. Nouri, Hoda


Ph.D in Microbial Biotechnology

Biopharmaceutical business development supervisor

BioPharma Business Deputy

Behesta Daru


Yeast cell factories for biopharmaceuticals



Dr. Poorinmohammad, Naghmeh


Researcher and course lecturer at McGill University


Microbial biotechnologist with expertise in microbial systems

Systems‐level approaches for understanding and engineering of the oleaginous cell factory Yarrowia lipolytica



Dr. Pooya, Mohammad


Assistant Professor, Molecular Biology Department, Pasteur Institute of Iran


“PUVA” treatment vs. bacteria”


Dr. Raouf Hosseini, Mohammad


Associate professor

Department of Mining Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran


Heterotrophic bioleaching: Challenges and opportunities


Dr. Rezvani, Fariba


Assistant professor Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology. Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST)


Application of microalgae for removing organic substances and reducing dissolved solids from water and wastewater


Dr. Rostami, Khosrow


Assistant professor, Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology,Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology


Potential of renewable sustainable energy to save the Planet


Dr. Saghfinia, Amir Asmaeil

Industrial Biotechnology: How to scale down the process


Dr. Shahbazi, Samira


Associate Professor, Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, Tehran, Iran


Gamma irradiation for induce mutation in microorganism to improve enzymatic metabolite production



Dr. Shaghayegh, Nasr


Microorganisms Bank, Iranian Biological Resource Center (IBRC), ACECR, Tehran, Iran


Department of Microbial Biotechnology, Faculty of Basic Sciences and Advanced Technologies in Biology, University of Science and Culture


Probiotic Yeasts: biotechnological and functional characterization and their future potential


Dr. Shahrokhi, Nader


Associate professor, Pasteur Institute of Iran


Antisense oligonucleotides, as promising antimicrobial Strategy


Dr. Shavandi, Mahmoud


Associate Professor in Microbiology. Biotechnology and Microbiology group, Biotechnology and Environment Research Division, Research institute of petroleum In dustry

Applications of Metagenomics in Petroleum Biotechnology


Dr. Shekofteh, Atefe

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, USA           


Biomineralization Function in Conservation of Calcareous Stone of Built Heritage: A perspective to the Further Investigations


Dr. Shokrzadeh, Leila

Shandiz Institute of Higher Education, Mashhad, Iran


Different Methods for Diagnosis of Microbial Deterioration of Cultural Heritage


Dr. Soleimani, Reza


Prof. Sol Scientifics BV

Gent, Belgium

New Beta-Lactamase Enzymes Specific Inhibitor for Treatent of Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria


Dr. Tajer-Mohammad-Ghazvini, Parisa


Associate Professor, Nuclear Fuel Cycle Research School, Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, Tehran, Iran


Microbiological perspective on the interaction of microorganisms with uranium



Dr. Tefagh, Mojtaba


Blockchain Programme Manager at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Assistant Professor, Sharif University, Iran

Applications of integrative systems biology in the analysis of microbiome


Dr. Vahdati Nasab, Hamed

Department of Microbiology, Alzahra University


Effect of Neanderthal’s Genes in Contemporary Humans Diseases


Dr. Zamir, Seyed Morteza


Associate professor in Biochemical Engineering

Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Tarbiat Modares University


Sustainable treatment of industrial waste air using two-phase partitioning bioreactors and microbial composition shifts during the long-term operations


Dr. Zare-Mirakabad, Fatemeh


Assistant Professor, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran


Using Machine Learning for Antibiotic Resistance Prediction


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