Professor Mikael Skurnik in Tehran


According to the invitation of the Iranian Society of Microbiology and the approval of the Iranian Research Organization for Science & Technology, Professor Skurnik will participate in the 24th Iran`s International Congress of Microbiology and has a presentation in the phage therapy panel.

He is one of the most famous scientists in the field of phage therapy in Europe and the world, and in addition to study in general medicine, he holds two PhDs in biochemistry and microbiology. Due to the widespread resistance of pathogenic bacteria to antibiotics, the use of phages has been considered as an important option in the treatment of resistant infections, and the researchers of our country are also engaged in this issue.

In last year’s Congress of the Microbiology, the presentations in the phage therapy panel were widely appreciated and welcomed by the attendees.

In this year’s congress, new speakers from different scientific centers of Iran will share their findings.

Dr. Noor Amirmozafari, a well-known professor of our country, will manage this panel.

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