Registration Guide


First Step

Forming a user profile on the site ismcongress

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Second Step

Pay the Congress fee and uploade the deposit slip on the Congress website


Third Step

Complete the registration form *If applicants participate in this event individually, they do not need to answer the last question.


Fourth Step

*The duration of the video is three minutes maximum and its size is up to 20 MB *If the size of the recorded video is more than 20 MB, you can reduce the size of your video using the following sites.
You can also use software like VLC and InShot.


Fifth Step

Send the registration form and your presentation video to [email protected]; The subject of your email should be “registration in Starvox”

Download Register Form


Contact us if there is a problem.

Telegram support: @starvox_support

Secretariat phone: 021-22645450 – Internal 107


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