Biomarker discovery with the approach of diagnosing bacterial infections

The title of the workshop Biomarker discovery with the approach of diagnosing bacterial infections


Workshop organizer information

First name and last name Dr.Reza Azizian
Educational degree Ph.D. student
Organizational position
Institute’s name Children’s Medical Center
Mobile phone number 09120760387
Email address [email protected]
Workshop instructor or instructors Dr.Babak Pourakbari

Dr. Reza Azizian

Mohammadreza Eskandarion

Workshop date and duration 20 September 2023


Proposed cost for participants  200 Euros
Workshop format (in-person, virtual, or pre-recorded) Theoretical
Number of participants (minimum and maximum) Minimum 20

Maximum 30

Workshop audience Individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the fields of medical or biological sciences and food industries
Course syllabus Familiarity with available biomarkers

Familiarity with poct methods for infectious biomarkers

Familiarity with various databases to select biomarkers

Working with geo and its databases

Objectives of the workshop Familiarity with the importance of biomarkers in the diagnosis of bacterial infections
Facilities required for holding the workshop
Proposed location for holding the workshop Andisheh Halls, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology


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