Business Plan Development Workshop

Title of the workshop in English Business Plan Development Workshop


Workshop organizer information

First name and last name Elena Valijanian
Academic degree MSc
Organizational position ·         Master of Microbial Biotechnology from the University of Tehran.

·         Certified by the Industrial Management Institute.

·         The Professor Mohammad Karim Fazli startup award winner (Perfect Pitch Deck).

·         Research and Development expert in a science-based company.

Institute’s name Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology
email [email protected]
The teacher or teachers of the workshop MSc. Elena Valijanian
Date and duration of the workshop September 20, 2023


Suggested fee for participants 200
How to hold the workshop (face-to-face, virtual or recorded) (face-to-face)


Number of participants (minimum and maximum) Minimum number of attendees: 20 people.
Workshop contacts All interested in this field
Teachable topics ·         Business Plan development importance

·         Market Study

·         Technical Study

·         Site Location

·         Scheduling

·         Financial Study

Objectives of holding the workshop How to run your own business.

How to attract investors via creating a professional business plan.

Facilities needed to hold the workshop Necessary types of equipment for presenting a power point (video projector, lap top).
Suggested place for the workshop Andisheh Halls, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology


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