HPLC (Introductory Course)

Title of the workshop in English HPLC (Introductory Course)



Workshop organizer information

First name and last name Dr. Ali Parach
Academic degree Ph.D
Organizational position Supervisor of Water and Wastewater Laboratory
Institute’s name Water Research Institute
email [email protected]
The teacher or teachers of the workshop Dr. Ali Parach
Date and duration of the workshop September 19, 2023


Suggested fee for participants  300
How to hold the workshop (face-to-face, virtual or recorded) (face-to-face)

Theoretical and practical

Number of participants (minimum and maximum) 15 people minimum, 20 people maximum
Workshop contacts People with at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the fields of medical or biological sciences and food industry
Teachable topics ü  Chromatography: theory and its governing equations

ü  Getting to know the different parts of the device

ü  Investigating the HPLC applications in different field

ü  Familiarity with normal phase, reverse phase chromatography and different washing systems

ü  Examining the characteristics of the solvents used and how to choose the appropriate mobile phase

ü  Introducing the types of separation columns by examining their limitations and advantages or (How to choose the right column?)

ü  Getting to know the types of detectors. How to choose the right detector: principles of operation, applications and limitations

ü  Practical test and training to work with HPLC device

Objectives of holding the workshop Introduction to HPLC
Facilities needed to hold the workshop The required facilities are provided by the Biotechnology Research Institute.
Suggested place for the workshop HPLC room, Building No. 1, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology


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