Isolation and identification of deteriogen microorganisms of cultural heritage

Title of the workshop in English Isolation and identification of deteriogen microorganisms of cultural heritage


Workshop organizer information

First name and last name Dr. Parisa Mohammadi
Academic degree Ph.D
Organizational position Associate Professor
Institute’s name Al-Zahra University
email [email protected];[email protected]
The teacher or teachers of the workshop Dr. Parisa Mohammadi

Dr. Azam Ali Asghari Veshare

Date and duration of the workshop September 25, 2023


Suggested fee for participants  80
How to hold the workshop (face-to-face, virtual or recorded) (face-to-face)

Theoretical and practical

Number of participants (minimum and maximum) 5 people minimum, 15 people maximum
Workshop contacts Students and researchers interested in biology, microbiology and preservation and restoration of works
Teachable topics Workshop topics:

– Cultural heritage and the importance of its preserving

– Definition of biodeterioration

– Types of microorganisms involved in biodeterioration

– Culture media used in isolation and identification of microbial deteriorant agents

– Types of damages caused by microorganisms on cultural heritage substrata

Aesthetic deterioration

Mechanical deterioration

Chemical deterioration

–   Control of biodeterioration

Physical techniques

Chemical techniques

Biological techniques

Modern techniques

Objectives of holding the workshop Introduction of new scientific and work areas of microbiology for researchers and students interested in biology, microbiology and protection and restoration of works.
Facilities needed to hold the workshop Laboratories of Dr. Shaiste Sepehr
Suggested place for the workshop Al-Zahra University


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