Modeling in food microbiology

Title of the workshop in English Modeling in food microbiology


Workshop organizer information

First name and last name Nader Karimian Khosroshahi
Academic degree MSc
Organizational position Expert in risk assessment of food pollutants, Food and Drug Organization, Ministry of Health
Institute’s name Food and Drug Organization
email [email protected]
The teacher or teachers of the workshop Nader Karimian Khosroshahi
Date and duration of the workshop September 19, 20, 2023


Suggested fee for participants  200
How to hold the workshop (face-to-face, virtual or recorded) (face-to-face)

Theoretical and practical

Number of participants (minimum and maximum) 15 people minimum, 20 people maximum
Workshop contacts People with at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the fields of medical or biological sciences and food industry
Teachable topics Introduction to Predictive Microbiology

Quantifying Microbial Propagation

Modeling Microbial Responses: Application to Food Spoilage Microbial Responses

Application of a Predictive Growth Models for Estimating Shelf Life of Foods

Application of Microbial modeling in Food Safety

Microbial modeling in a risk-based approach

Monte Carlo Simulation for Microbiological predictive modeling

Application of “Origin lab”, “DMFit” and “@Risk” Software in Microbial modeling

Objectives of holding the workshop Familiarity with modeling in food microbiology to estimate microbial spoilage of food products
Facilities needed to hold the workshop personal laptop of the participants,

The latest version of Origin lab software, DMFit, @Risk

Suggested place for the workshop Andisheh forums, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology


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