Online workshop of Metagenomics and its application in identifying genetic diversity

The title of the workshop Online workshop of Metagenomics 


Workshop organizer information

First name and last name Dr. Azadeh Safarchi
Educational degree Ph.D
Organizational position Post doctoral research fellow
Institute’s name CSIRO (Australia)
Mobile phone number
Email address [email protected]
Workshop instructor or instructors Dr. Azadeh Safarchi
Workshop date and duration 19 September 2023


Proposed cost for participants 200 ٍEuros
Workshop format (in-person, virtual, or pre-recorded) Theoretical and practical
Number of participants (minimum and maximum) 20 to 30 participants
Workshop audience Individuals with at least a Bachelor’s degree in one of the fields of medical or biological  sciences
Course syllabus Introduction of microbiota and microbiom

Sample collection and preparation

Types microbiome abundance profiling

Microbiome abundance analysis

Objectives of the workshop Familiarity with metagenomics in microbiology
Facilities required for holding the workshop High-speed internet and access to Adobe Connect
Proposed location for holding the workshop online


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